Dec 29 2021

2021 Developer Trends

It’s that time of year… when Stack Overflow puts out the results of their latest developer survey. Other companies have similar surveys, like JetBrains. Instead of surveying users and developers, GitHub analyzed repositories and commits. If interested to compare notes, check out the top 2021 developer languages, tools, and trends here…

Jul 30 2012

Social Networks for Developers and Designers

There is a growing number of social networks and websites that are targeting software developers and graphic designers. Some of these sites, most notably github, have been used as a recruiting tool and in the interview process in hiring developers.

Even though it is not strictly a social networking site, github has a lot of social and collaborate features that make it resemble one. But instead of posting your latest vacation pictures, you can post the programing source files for the open source projects you are working on. You can post any source code, from a single script file you find useful to a larger project.

Coderwall allows developer and designers to post their skills and achievements and earn achievement badges. If someone forks your project on github, you get a badge. If you were a early github user, you get a different badge.

Coderwall Homepage

Coderwall Homepage

Forrst feels like a Twitter or Tumblr for technologists. You can follow people, post images or ideas, and like and comment other people’s posts.
Similar to other social networks, on you can follow other users, high five their accomplishments.

Geeklist Homepage

Geeklist Homepage

Apr 7 2012

Retweet March 2012

From time to time I just blast tweets about software development, project planning, team dynamics, or whatever else comes to mind. Here is a synopsis of recent tweets and rants. If you want to follow the conversation follow me at techknow and/or juixe.

Software Development

  • Say no to consultant code. No to complacent code. No to sloppy and crappy code. No to cut and past code.
  • Developing a machine learning algorithm so we don’t have to learn anymore.
  • Hacking, art or science!?
  • Great hacking weather… Well most weather is great hacking weather as long as your computer don’t overheat.
  • What would an autonomous algorithm do?
  • Sex, drugs, and hacking.
  • You don’t go on Hacker News to show off your project, act arrogant that it’s a closed network, and not expect someone to hack a clone.
  • Nothing worse than setting a test to run overnight only to have a Windows update restart your computer in the middle of the test/night.
  • Refactor with conviction.
  • Building on assumptions is like building on quicksand.
  • When in doubt, step through it in a debugger.

Team Leadership

  • Every problem is an opportunity in the rough.
  • Mo’ money, mo’ problems. Mo’ problems, mo’ opportunity.
  • Ask the right questions is better than making the wrong assumptions.
  • Everything is mental, even when it’s physical.
  • Being successful means you are only a mistake away from not.
  • Don’t use the fact you don’t know a fact as a reason for not knowing it.
  • Just because a team member knows one thing does not excuse the rest of the team from learning for themselves and knowing it too.
  • A team is composed of a group of individuals, but a group of individuals is not a team.

Product Placement

  • Google used to be a search engine and return search results now it wants to be an answer engine and return you the answer.
  • What do you call a Pinterest user? Pinner? Pinhead?
  • Facebook IPO: it’s complicated.
  • How hard is it to add filters to Flickr’s iPhone app?
  • These @calottery lotto ticket should have a QR code so that I can quickly scan to see if I’m a winner.
  • The Google of today is the sort of operation that Sergey and Larry originally set out to disrupt.
  • Somewhere some evil genius is building a super computer out of a cluster of The New iPad.
  • AT&T is in the phone business, so of course when you call customer support they will always have you call someone else who transfers you that gives you a different number that redials…


  • P.S. GitHub sorry, I was bored. — Egor Homakov, the guy that hacked GitHub
  • I have never seen someone try so hard for attention while looking so atrocious at the same time. -Anna Wintour on Nicki Minaj
  • I would give my life for her but she also wants me to do the dishes. – Hellboy


  • Are you killing time or is time killing you?
  • Do The Simpsons pay royalties for basing their episodes on popular movies?
  • Why do single people love cats?
  • Why is it that sometimes when you don’t do a thing people notice, but when you do they don’t?
  • Which would you prefer, an iPad with a keyboard or a net book?
  • If you could only attain one thing which would you choose, money, happiness, or longevity?


  • Fear is free but it will cost you opportunities.
  • Ideas are cheap, but originality will cost you.
  • Hot sauce makes everything better.
  • The odds of you being a loser are better than you winning the lottery.
  • There are people I follow on Twitter that I would never follow in real life, who I would rather push of a cliff in real life.
  • Complainers are worse than haters.
  • College is not for the uber successful.
  • future obituary: died of chili cheese fries.
  • “Really? Really?” Is the new “Oh My God”
  • The term “gateway drug” doesn’t make sense, if you are already doing a drug, you are already past the gateway for drugs.
  • Power drinks are the new gateway drugs.
  • Power drinks are making me fat and jittery.
  • All advice is relative, especially advice from a relative.
  • Life is a journey not a destination, death in the other hand seems like the destination.

Oct 11 2010

The Resume is Dead

The resume as you know it is dead. Having a great resume and a perfect cover letter is not enough of a differentiator. Every candidate will have the same alphabet soup of buzzwords and they all list the same excellent communication and interpersonal soft skills in their resume. Any hiring manager will have the same experience of looking at inbox full of resumes that read the same. There is very little scientific method in the hiring process, it’s mostly voodoo. One way passionate candidates distance themselves from apathetic candidates is by learning a new programming language on their own, by contributing to open source projects, and by blogging and teaching what they’ve learned.

Recruiters are constantly looking for top candidates outside the traditional job boards, career fairs, job listings. There have been many instances where coders land job interviews because of their top rated technology blog, or their Stack Overflow reputation, or their side project in GitHub.

Recently, two stories made the front page of Hacker News that demonstrates that working running demonstrable code is better than sending out your static resume.

After Google released it’s Search Instant feature, Stanford student Feross Aboukhadijeh used the publicly available YouTube API to develop YouTube Instant. Feross was contacted by YouTube CEO Chad Hurley and offered a job via a tweet.

Designer Rodrigo Galindez gets hired by Zendesk after posting his thoughts and UI mockup to improve the new Twitter design.

As a candidate, you have to think outside the box, outside the resume. Every candidate will have a nice crisp resume. You can’t possibly distinguish yourself from other candidate by the format, font, or flow of your resume. Where appropriate be sure to highlight your contribution to open source projects, technical blog, of even the small natural language pet project written in scheme you might be tinkering with.