Jul 1 2011

Retweet June 2011

From time to time I just blast tweets about software development, project planning, team dynamics, or whatever else comes to mind. Here is a synopsis of recent tweets and rants. If you want to follow the conversation follow me at techknow and/or juixe.

Software Development

  • Know thy framework.
  • I recently received two books, one on Scala and one Clojure. From reading the few chapters on each, I have to say I like Clojure best.
  • How do you pronounce C++0x? Is the ++ silent?
  • Coworker: Functional programming is the future. Me: Functional programming has been the future since the 80’s.
  • Developers love to reinvent the wheel. Which means, writing their own editor, IDE, bug tracking, version control, wiki, web framework, blog

Team Leadership

  • Live each day to it’s potential.
  • Today is a new and improved day. It only gets better.
  • Every day has the potential to be your best day of your life, because today is the only day that matters.
  • Love what you do is a key to success.
  • If you are about to fail, do it with flair.
  • People need to learn how to disrupt an entrenched business, product, or industry. There should be a class on disruption.
  • Always walk into a meeting with pen and notepad.
  • If you want to survive, you need to adapt.
  • If plan A doesn’t work move on to plan B, and it that doesn’t work, move to plan… That is why we have 26 letters in the alphabet.
  • The most critical aspect of making a mistake is usually not the mistake but how you respond to it.
  • Ideas aspire to be more than just ideas.
  • Practice what you preach and live what you teach.
  • One easy way to think outside the box is to add an extra dimension.
  • The fact that unicorns aren’t real doesn’t mean that people won’t buy unicorn bacon.

Product Placement

  • You’ll know if Google+ is successful when a congressman’s penises are accidentally posted and shared on it.
  • What is up with these Google+ invites? The seem to be worth their weight in BitCoins.
  • By the way he writes, I think David @Pogue is Apple’s VP of Marketing.
  • I like the Migration Assistant in OS X. You can migrate data and apps to a new Mac from another Mac, mac backup, or external drive.
  • Did @airbnb use the same black hat techniques that picture collectors and questionable dating sites use on @craigslist?
  • The Swiss should make a Swiss Army iPod case.
  • Companies are using positive tweets about their products as endorsements in commercials. I wonder if those Twitter users got compensation.
  • How many screws does it take to take out a hard drive from a Mac Book Pro? I lost count at 21 screws and two different screw drivers.
  • I don’t even know what language I speak when I order at Starbucks. Iced chai grande Americano hella latte extra cafe con leche fo shizzle.


  • Checking in is so 2009. – Dave Matthews #TWiST
  • If it’s printed, it’s no longer news. – @jbminn
  • You can make a buck with cat pictures – Steve Yegge
  • The impossible might take a while. – Scott Heiferman, #TWIST


  • Would you pay an extra $100 to buy an iPad made in the US?
  • Do super models have role models?
  • What is your innovation strategy?
  • How smart is you network, team, or organization?
  • How much is the whole of the USA worth?
  • Since when is it a feature to have your product available in white?
  • Is Instagram the new Polaroid?
  • Will any software application last 100 years?
  • Do you give a tip on pick up or only on delivery?


  • And then Jobs said, “Let there be an app market.” – The Book of Jobs
  • I don’t respond well to BS.
  • Love is a by product of accepting yourself and others as they are.
  • It’s always a good morning when you can sleep in.
  • To sleep or not to sleep, that is the dream.
  • Be you. Do you. Get yours.
  • Love love and live for life.
  • Love is transdimensional.
  • Love don’t cost a thing if you file for chapter 11.
  • Lifetime movies is like porn for women.
  • Any place that claims to be the happiest place on earth is really covering something deep.
  • I wish my closet functioned like the TARDIS from Doctor Who, so my fashion could always current and I could have extra space.
  • I’m a register member of the Ninja party but I have some Pirate party leanings.
  • The most read book is Facebook.
  • If only we could solve all of the world’s problems with a dance battle.
  • Heading out to a beerbeque.
  • Empathy is my religion.
  • Everyday should be like Friday.
  • Hollywood can follow up a successful movie with a sequel, a prequel or an alternative timeline-quel.
  • Twitter is where quotes go to get misquoted and then retweeted.