Dec 19 2011

Reclaim Disk Space With Spacie

Recently I noticed that I had less than 3GB of free disk pace on my laptop. I have and take a lot of photos, in addition to that I download and install a lot of different development tools and IDEs. I also have a lot of music and listen to a lot of podcasts. In addition to all this, I am a digital hoarder and download and save any PDF or image that I find interesting.

When I discovered that I was running out of disk space I immediately started to look for “disk space” apps on the App Store. I found Spacie to be what the HD DR ordered. With Spacie I found that I had multiple version of NetBeans each taking close to 1GB. I had multiple versions of the Android SDK each taking close to 1GB. Spotify was caching over 2GB of data. I found that iPhoto and iTunes was taking the bulk of the space. I easily had 20GB in iPhoto and 40GB in iTunes. In iPhoto, I started to export and backup photo sets older than a year or two so that I could reclaim more space. In iTunes, I found that I had a hundreds of podcasts taking over 100MB each. I pushed these photo sets and podcasts to an external hard drive and reclaimed over 40GB of disk space. Spacie helped me to identify what files where taking the most space and I systematically addressed each folder as best I could.


Spacie finds large files in your hard drive and helps reclaim disk space.

Spacie is available on the Apple App Store. It is currently priced at $1.99 and it’s well worth it since it saved me from having to upgrade to a new hard drive.

Aug 5 2011

Retweet July 2011

From time to time I just blast tweets about software development, project planning, team dynamics, or whatever else comes to mind. Here is a synopsis of recent tweets and rants. If you want to follow the conversation follow me at techknow and/or juixe.

Software Development

  • I can’t take an IDE seriously if it looks like iTunes.
  • Beta at your own risk.
  • Refactor and remix yourself.

Team Leadership

  • Moving on to plan b, section iii, revision 10, update 8, …
  • Everything happens for a reason but not every reason is meant to be understood.
  • The key to being cost effective is first being effective.
  • To change your life, try to change your trajectory.
  • Who is in your development dream team?
  • Originality is dead. I know this because I copied it from someone else.

Product Placement

  • Install Lion, Xcode 4.0 not supported, need to upgrade to Xcode 4.1, a 3GB install.
  • Apple already working on next OS X release, tentatively known as Sea Lion.
  • Google Plus going after Facebook is like an 800 pound gorilla going after a 800 pound rhinoceros.
  • Google’s motto: Do no evil without cresting a algorithm to automate evil.
  • G+: don’t be a square join a circle.
  • The next release of Windows should come with one key feature: a 100GB DropBox like cloud spaces for free integrated into the OS, Office, etc
  • I wish I could use Google to search my memories to find where I last placed my keys.


  • What is the speed of time?
  • Isn’t Captain America wearing the big Scarlet Letter on his forehead?
  • Which is worse: different day, same shit or same day, different shit?
  • Is it just me or is it hot in herre?
  • Fruit by the Foot or Sugar by the Pound?
  • Why does it feel like Friday when it should feel more like Wednesday?
  • What is the weather report on cloud computing?
  • Is Jack Dorsey the web 2.0 version of Steve Jobs?
  • If you had 8 more hours a day what would you do with them?


  • There is no God particle. Sub atomic particles are atheists.
  • A live police chase is the human equivalent of a lolcat watching a light beam.
  • When time flies it does so in first class.
  • Frankie Says Chillax
  • Bay Area Forecast: Fog-Drizzle My Nizzle Fo Shizzle.
  • I’ma power up with a power nap.
  • It is what it is and it do what it do.
  • La Gaga has jumped the outer space shark.

In Da Future

  • In the future, a picture will be 90% filters and photoshop and 10% reality.
  • If the future could travel faster than the speed of time then it would travel back in time.
  • In the future, the revolution will be fought with tweets.
  • In the future, every other word in a sentence will be a registered trademark.
  • In the future, the exercise of free speech will be deemed suspicious.
  • In the future, a large portion of the president’s state of the union speech will be redacted.
  • In the future, action figures will be illegal and replaced by diversity and cooperation figures.


  • Happy 4th of July. Let keep America free!
  • Long live freedom, death to red coats.
  • It’s going to be one hot fourth of July.
  • Beerbeque.
  • There is no freedom without choice.
  • I’m so cool that the heat don’t get to me.
  • Beans and cornbread.
  • This heat is like kryptonite.