Nov 23 2010

The Learning Library

I’ve always been a book lover. I have a private collection of Ruby, Perl, and Java books, amongst other topics, that would make a public library jealous. In fact, I recently moved and was surprised that that the bulk of the items boxed up where books. I’ve been making the trend of moving my library to ebooks. I was an early adopter of the Amazon Kindle, I still use my first generation Kindle. Here are some books in my collection, which I’ve use as reference.

I’ve even dedicated a blog post to a few of my favorite books, such as the following.

Nov 15 2010

Android Learning Library

I’ve started learning and developing for the Android platform and I found the best way for me to learn is by learning from ebooks. I’ve long ago stopped buying physical copies of technical and programming books. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to learn about digital technology from a dead tree technology. Here is a short list of the best Amazon Kindle books to learn how to program for the Android platform.