Mar 28 2010

Check if Someone Hacked Your GMail Account

The Chinese government might not be trying to hack your Google Mail account but maybe your ex has. The most common security violation is a significant other or an ex hacking into, logging into without authorization, into a email account. Google Mail has a small feature that allows you to check the activity for your GMail account to see if there are unauthorized logins.

Once you have logged into GMail, scroll all they way to the bottom, between the Google copyright and the available storage capacity you will see a line that reads like the following: Last account activity: 33 minutes ago on this computer. Details.

Clicking on the Details link will popup a window that shows you activity history for your GMail account. The Details page will list the IP address of each time you account was accessed, the date/time of each login, it will show the number of logins from the current session.

You will get a different session each time you login, for example when you use a different computer, etc. Since you can track the date/time, IP address, and session for each login you should be able to verify the activity of your GMail account. This should be enough information for you to spot irregular activity.

From the account activity Details page you can log out from all sessions by clicking the “Sign out all other sessions” button. This will log out all sessions from all computers, for example if you forgot to logout from your schools computer, etc. Signing out from a session would require users to sign back in with your username and password. If you spot irregular activity in your mail account, you should consider changing your password.

If you find mysterious IP addresses in you account activity you can Google for any number of web sites that can track an location to your IP address. These services are not accurate to the city, it might report a city 20 miles away from the actual location but location to IP address services might provide additional hints to track down the location of where your account was accessed.

Nov 7 2009

Retweet October 2009

From time to time I just blast tweets about software development, project planning, team dynamics, or whatever else comes to mind. Here is a synopsis of recent tweets and rants. If you want to follow the conversation follow me at techknow and/or juixe and I’ll be sure to follow back.

Software Development

  • I can haz codebyte!
  • Hacks are in the eye of the debugger.
  • Is there a werewolf in your software, then why do you need a silver bullet?
  • I know HACK is a four letter word but it is not a bad four letter word.
  • It is okay to paint by numbers but its something different to code by numbers. I code by polynomials.
  • If it doesn’t matter either way, why not choose the option that is easier to implement, cleaner to design, and friendlier to use.
  • Content is the killer app.
  • They say those who can’t do, teach. Well, those that can’t create content, aggregate.

Team Leadership

  • The sooner you adapt, the wider your lead.
  • Don’t nickel-and-dime old business assumptions.
  • When leading the way, be sure to get out of the way. As a leader you don’t want to be a roadblock or bottle neck to the troops.
  • A manager should do two things: give precise tasks and expect precise results.
  • Don’t confuse opinion for advice, don’t confuse advice for a plan.
  • Even a detailed schedule can’t predict the future.
  • Sometimes schedules are another way we lie to ourselves.
  • Time does not run on a schedule.
  • A good skill is to identify the skillset of your team, a better skill is to improve those skills while leveraging them to the fullest.
  • Little baby steps add up to giant leaps for mankind.

Product Placement

  • In Windows, when you overwrite a file instead of replacing it without a trace, the OS should put a copy in the recycle bin first.
  • You can learn a lot about someone by taking a look at their FarmVille farm.
  • Is Twitter lists just another metric for users to have a pissing match on Twitter? If comparing followers wasn’t enough…
  • Why is it that installing ImageMagick is a longer and more painful process than upgrading OSX?

Self Dev

  • In certain task I am worth my weight in gold, in others I am worth my weight in lead, but I do my best to avoid tasks were I cost my weight.
  • Many people will ask for out of the box ideas, but they don’t want ideas too far away from the box, more like ideas hovering around the box.
  • It’s okay to have your cake and eat it to, as long as you bake the cake yourself…
  • Be a double agent of change.
  • On man’s problem, is another man’s opportunity.
  • Authenticity has no substitute.
  • Not failing fast enough is the biggest failure.
  • Failure is when you don’t learn from it.
  • You have to kill it to win it.
  • Fail frequently, fast, and furious
  • If I played baseball I would be the GM.


  • What is the opposite of a trophy wife?
  • Do you have a failure resume?
  • Is Facebook to big to fail?
  • How many tweets does it take to get a trend?
  • There are wrinkle free pants, when will we see tangle free headphones?
  • Which is best Happily Ever After or Happily Ever Now?
  • What does it mean to ‘trust the chicken?’
  • Do you have to sell out to get buy in?
  • If you are not passionate, who do you expect your team to be passionate?


  • Good ideas are simple. – @jason
  • Money is the shortcut. – @garyvee
  • Great entrepreneurs don’t have better ideas, they have better process. – Eric Ries
  • Pay attention to pixels. – Bump Technologies Job Listing