Oct 11 2010

Foursquare Missing Features

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Foursquare style check-ins is a feature not a product. Facebook Places has proven that location base check-ins are a feature easily implemented. That said, Foursquare and other location based services have tried to wrap social games and compulsion loops into their products in the form of mayorships and badges to make the check-in process more meaningful. But as a feature, as opposed to a product, checking into a place, restaurant, or business does not scratch any real business itch. I understand that to a brick and mortar business, having an idea of how often your customers are near your business and marketing to them when they are can be beneficial, but if all Foursquare is doing is checking in then users will eventually experience check-in burnout.

Location based check-ins is a feature and to one degree or another you can lock in your location on Facebook Places, Yelp, Google Buzz, Twitter, Gowalla, etc. But aside from running for mayor of my local dollar store and racking up some virtual badges there is little benefit or purpose for the end user. The missing piece of location base services is commerce, making users into customers.

Like most folks, I hate waiting in line at a restaurant. Too often when you are stuck in line you have someone crowding into your personal space, you feel like you are just wasting time standing there waiting to order some food, and worst is when people call in and their order is taken before yours. Wouldn’t it be great if you can use a location base service to indicate that you are near your favorite taqueria and have the ability to order right there using a mobile app? If Foursquare could do this, I wouldn’t mind given them my credit card number, turning me from a free loading user to paying customer.

There a ton of apps on the iTunes app store that use users’ location to find a store or deal nearby. The Groupon app can locate deals nearby. The Macy’s iShop app has a store locator that uses your phone’s location. If McDonald’s or Starbucks had a location base mobile app that allowed me to order from half a block down by charging my card and had my items ready as I walked in, that would add so much more value to the mobile app user, establishment, and location based service.

Aug 14 2010

Resume and Interview Tips

I’ve recently had an opportunity to interview for a job opening at my company. From my experience with the interview process, from both sides of the table, I have a few non-technical tips that might be helpful for someone looking for a new challenging position where they will leverage their skills and such and such years of experience in x, y, and z programming languages.

  • Proof read your resume and fix obvious typos, you can’t say you detailed oriented if you have basic spelling errors.
  • I would leave out MS Access 2000 out of technical skills. It’s also not necessary to list HTML, DHTML, and HTML5.
  • Ensure your cover letter or email is in one font, it shouldn’t look like you cut and pasted from somewhere else.
  • The minimum research a candidate needs to do is look up the company website himself prior to interviewing.
  • At a minimum candidate should be able to figure out our URL by a) clicking the link on job description b) from my email.
  • Use a good phone line for a phone interview.
  • Make sure the interviewer gets the feeling that you want to work there, not only that you have the skills to work there.  If you don’t got the skills show enthusiasm, their is always a job for the great candidate, even if they have to rewrite the job description.
  • Don’t name your resume anything but you name, and maybe the word resume  on it.  Don’t put a date geolocation or airport codes, etc.

Jul 5 2010

Retweet May 2010

From time to time I just blast tweets about software development, project planning, team dynamics, or whatever else comes to mind. Here is a synopsis of recent tweets and rants. If you want to follow the conversation follow me at techknow and/or juixe and I’ll be sure to follow back.

Software Development

  • Tests? We ain’t got no tests. We don’t need no tests! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ tests!
  • Test. Code. Debug. Refactor. Repeat.
  • Party like a rock star, code like a _why.
  • Code has a center of gravity.
  • There are features that become products, products that become companies, and companies that become revolutions.
  • To increase productivity when working with buggy software tools, don’t focus on how it should be done but the work around to get it done.
  • Can you imagine only getting paid if there is no bugs in your ode?
  • One developer’s bug is another user’s loss of faith in technology.
  • Delivery dates for feature sets that there are no specs is a death wish list.
  • Running software trumps unwritten specifications.
  • I drop fools like I drop database tables, with one SQL statement.
  • Memories are backward compatible.
  • I dream in quantum bits.
  • My dreams are hosted on the cloud.

Team Leadership

  • 80% required in swimming is just to have your head above water, the rest is about moving forward.
  • I know Google offers employees 20% time, that must be why 80% of their products feel like 80% done.
  • Having your head in the clouds is better than your head in the sand! Hold up your head up high and you will see further.
  • Make your own path, build your own bridge, be your own light.
  • Make work be more wow!
  • Future proof your thinking.
  • Meeting don’t generate momentum.
  • It only takes a single dash to turn a minus into a plus.
  • Some set out to follow a leader, others follow his vision, and still others his path. Why not triangulate his geolocation based on all of these?
  • A high IQ does not equate with success. I developed a new algo to measure likelihood of success, Kick-ass Quotient, or KQ instead of IQ!!!
  • Sweep me off my feet, not under the rug.

Product Placement

  • If Zuckerberg would not have created Facebook, he would have been just another picture collector on Craigslist.
  • If Facebook would had been invented in the time of Hitler, Zuckerborg might had been a collaborator, aka Little Fuhrer, and would have geolocated Ann Frank
  • Facebook is said to release geolocation check-in feature soon, default setting is to notify your parole officer or ex your current location.
  • Why isn’t common sense the default at Facebook when it comes to users’ privacy rights.
  • BP handling of the oil spill is what I called fail whale, I mean if you kill a whale it is an automatic #failwhale.
  • Two guys walk into an Apple store to buy an iPad… This is not a joke, this is a tragedy, they walk empty handed because they are sold out
  • Happy Quit Facebook Day!!!
  • Flash, there is no app for that.
  • Can you imagine a 20 inch iPad? This shall come to pass.
  • The iPad is the iPC.
  • At Home Depot, just came from Office Depot. Are these stores like related? Can’t wait for Gansta Depot!
  • Disney wants to kill your creativity!
  • People used to clock-in to work, now they check-in.
  • Which is the most hated tech company, Apple, Google, Facebook, Abode???


  • I love the smell of napalm in the morning! – Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore
  • You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. – Rahm Emanuel
  • Billionaires rule supreme. – P. Sainath
  • We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them. – Steve Jobs
  • I wish developing great products was as easy as writing a check. If that was the case, Microsoft would have great products. – Steve Jobs
  • Ahhh, what an awful dream. Ones and zeroes everywhere… and I thought I saw a two. – Bender
  • A documented bug is not a bug; it is a feature. – James P. MacLennan
  • The invisible hand of the market is actually a very visible bunch of grubby paws if you really look. – P. Sainath
  • Languages shape the way we think, or don’t. – Erik Naggum
  • Shawty is a eenie meenie mo lova – Sean Kingston
  • If at first you don’t succeed – call an airstrike. – Banksy
  • Lots and lots of blogs does not replace lots and lots of sales. – Larry Ellison
  • Baby there is a shark in the water. – VV Brown
  • The market is no longer driven by shareholders. The market is driven by formulas. – @mcuban