Pure JavaScript Charting Library

Most business applications display some amount of data in charts and graphs. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a clean visual representation of business data is worth a lot more. Business charts can condense a lot of data points into a easy to understand graph.

Recently, I was tasked with updating the graph solution of a financial application with a HTML5 friendly charting tool or library. I looked at about half a dozen JavaScript chart libraries and eventually narrowed the selection down to two based on features and functionality: Google Charts and jQuery chart plugin jqPlot. Both Google Charts and jqPlot support a large number of chart types, from the basic bar and pie to more advance features such as multiple y-axis and and zoom. Both libraries support HTML5 graphics, the legacy chart solution I was to replace generated a pixelated image. Google Charts and jqPlot both draw the graph into div tag instead by using HTML5 graphics and don’t anti-aliasing issues.

For this particular project, we picked jqPlot over Google Charts for the following reasons. Google Charts is not open sourced and it uses a loading mechanism that requires you to be online to load the JavaScript source files from Google’s servers. This is great if you are always online, but the project owners wanted a HTML5 charting solution that works offline. jqPlot is a freely available open source JavaScript library which can be hosted alongside with the other application resources. jqPlot, like Google Charts, has a large number of chart types it supports including line, area, bubble, bar stacked, pyramid, pies, donuts, gauges, and much more.

jqPlot JavaScript Chart Library

jqPlot JavaScript Chart Library

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