The Learning Library

I’ve always been a book lover. I have a private collection of Ruby, Perl, and Java books, amongst other topics, that would make a public library jealous. In fact, I recently moved and was surprised that that the bulk of the items boxed up where books. I’ve been making the trend of moving my library to ebooks. I was an early adopter of the Amazon Kindle, I still use my first generation Kindle. Here are some books in my collection, which I’ve use as reference.

I’ve even dedicated a blog post to a few of my favorite books, such as the following.

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  • Omar Qunsul Says:

    I have thousands of Ebook PDFs. There should be some software that can help me manage, categorize and search them. Or that can connect to some API of a book information system online, such as Amazon, or Google API to pull some information about the item, such as reviews, table of contents, the price of the hard copy, etc…

    What do you think?

  • Sean Brady Says:

    I found this article to be a very interesting read! Thank you for sharing this with us!

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