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I’ve recently had an opportunity to interview for a job opening at my company. From my experience with the interview process, from both sides of the table, I have a few non-technical tips that might be helpful for someone looking for a new challenging position where they will leverage their skills and such and such years of experience in x, y, and z programming languages.

  • Proof read your resume and fix obvious typos, you can’t say you detailed oriented if you have basic spelling errors.
  • I would leave out MS Access 2000 out of technical skills. It’s also not necessary to list HTML, DHTML, and HTML5.
  • Ensure your cover letter or email is in one font, it shouldn’t look like you cut and pasted from somewhere else.
  • The minimum research a candidate needs to do is look up the company website himself prior to interviewing.
  • At a minimum candidate should be able to figure out our URL by a) clicking the link on job description b) from my email.
  • Use a good phone line for a phone interview.
  • Make sure the interviewer gets the feeling that you want to work there, not only that you have the skills to work there.  If you don’t got the skills show enthusiasm, their is always a job for the great candidate, even if they have to rewrite the job description.
  • Don’t name your resume anything but you name, and maybe the word resume  on it.  Don’t put a date geolocation or airport codes, etc.

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  • Jae Ellers Says:

    I don’t think this is the right topic for you. If you’re giving tips you should not be making gross grammatical errors.

    Tip #1, about spelling errors: you can’t say you detailed
    Tip #7, “if you don’t got the skills” & “their is always”
    Tip #8, “anything but you name”

  • TechKnow Says:

    @Jae – Thanks for that! I appreciate the help proofreading the article and I could use more people like you. I guess that is what happens when a blog post is auto-generated from a Twitter account with tweets entered on an iPhone by someone with fat fingers.

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