Retweet June 2009

From time to time I just blast tweets about software development, project planning, team dynamics, or whatever else comes to mind. Here is a synopsis of recent tweets and rants. If you want to follow the conversation follow me at techknow and I’ll be sure to follow back.


  • Doing Java Profiling… It is fund finding memory leaks and bottle necks in enterprise Java applications!
  • Greatest strength is that I am a software architect, greatest weakness is that I think I am an architect.
  • Exceptional FAIL: Worst exception handling is when the log message throws an null pointer exceptions.
  • As a software architect you don’t build solutions, you build opportunity for solutions and likewise opportunity for defects.
  • A code freeze slows productivity.

Product Placement

  • Really disappointing with HP Support. I thought they have 24-hour support but they want me to call between 8 – 4PM PST to open a request…
  • I thought the reason HP Support outsources and off shores support folks is to provide around the clock support! HP can’t keep up with me!
  • In this flat world I was wondering why I need to call HP Support between 8AM – 4PM PST to get a box for a laptop sent to me?
  • The best support I have had is from Apple Genius Bar at Apple stores. It is best to go in the morning as soon as they open!
  • Eating and loving Japanese treats, Hori Hokkaido Corn Chocolate.
  • Mac OS X has had 5 upgrades, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, and Leopard. I can’t wait until Mac OS X LOLcatz version.
  • For a company that claims to do no evil, Google sure employees a lot of lawyers.
  • Ticket Master would love to scalp it own tickets and keep all the cash!
  • It used to be that patron, gucci, and cristal used to dominate hip-hop product placement, now it is youtube, myspace, and twitter.
  • Having Wetzel’s Pretzels and a heart attack. Ouch!
  • Which would you pick: netbook + $150 or Kindle DX?
  • Amazon unvail new 9’7″ Kindle DX priced at nearly $500, that is more expensive than a netbook.
  • Watching Hell’s Kitchen.. Chef Ramsay should do School Cafeteria Nightnare.
  • McD’s new motto: Condiments upon request.
  • Even though their use of nano is not copyright infringement, the Tata Nano is piggy backing on the iPod Nano marketing and name recognition!
  • American Idol is the modern day Roman Colosseum spectacle and today it has been an a bloodbath!
  • Jamba Juice cup says ‘it’s hard to frown with a straw in your mouth.’
  • Just bought a 120GB XBox 360 hard drive.
  • One XBox Live point is worth about 4/5th of a cent…
  • The Bachelor should really be renamed to The Womanizer.


  • The big part of getting things done is to have others to get things done for you and have things done automatically.
  • The worst plan is one that does not allow for spontaneous serendipity.
  • Wealth trickles down from the top, but it grows from the bottom. Invest where it grows, encourage the source of growth.
  • The worst mistake is not making enough calculated mistakes and taking enough measured risks.
  • When given lemons, some make lemonade. I like to make sucess out of failure, it is more refreshing.
  • Your next success is right behind your current failure.
  • Not all problems are meant to be solved. First try to remove problem, if it still persist reduce it, and then try to reframe it…
  • Not all clients are profitable equally. Fire your under performing customers.
  • If someone says a thing is easy and enumerates ten steps, it could be easier.
  • If you can do something in ten steps, then you can reduce it to one step.
  • A good leader leads by asking better questions than by giving bad answers.
  • When you use assumptions as axioms, you end up with calculations such as 1 + 1 = Profit!
  • Build a better mousetrap and the world will find a better mouse to trap.
  • The problem with a 800-pound gorilla is that it does the job of a monkey.
  • Don’t listen to words, listen to actions.
  • You had me at show me the money!


  • Do I need a Verified Twitter Account to avoid my own identity confusion and doubts?
  • I think of the Trending Topics as the collective mood of Twitter.
  • Twitter should allow users to explicitly note the copyright of their tweets… I would make mine as Create Commons-Attributions.
  • Every other trend on Twitter an inside joke…
  • What is the best twitter client on the iPhone? The desktop?

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