Microsoft DreamSpark

Even thought I am a Windows user, I am no where near a Microsoft lackey but recently I learned that Microsoft is giving away a ton of professional grade software to students. Through the Microsoft DreamSpark program, students can get access to Visual Studio 2008 Professional, Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, Microsoft Expression Studio, XNA Studio, XNA Creators Club, SQL Server 2005, as well as other free software such as their express edition software. That is well over $1,500 of free software. I am typically not a Microsoft fanboy but I do have to give credit to Microsoft for making its development tools free of charge to students across the world. Now I wish Adobe would do the same.

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3 Responses to “Microsoft DreamSpark”

  • Big Al Says:

    This is not so hard to understand, and corporations very rarely do things that they don’t think will benefit them at some point.

    Microsoft’s benefit from this is that they will get a number of students using (and used to) their products, students which may eventually be in a position to influence purchasing decisions.

    Microsoft’s big problem at the moment is that there are very good development tools (e.g., Eclipse) which students can get for zero cost.

    Disclaimer: I haven’t used MS software for a great many years but I don’t consider myself a Linux bigot. I just don’t see the point in paying bucketloads of money for software when I can get what I need free (and legal).

  • Javier Says:

    Even I enjoyed free Microsoft development tools while I studied CS here in Switzerland (they started this kind of program about 3 years ago in Switzerland), but let’s be honest here: Marketing is the name of the game. It’s not about being nice, it’s about getting people to use your tools and your technology. Microsoft ist doing this *because* Eclipse is used a lot at universities (at least in Switzerland) and they know universities are the places to get people hooked on certain technology.

  • Rahul Says:

    Well… whatever we say… the base line remains that MS is on no charity spree… it’s investing in its further customers!

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