The Future of Web Apps SF 2006 Conference Notes

Carson Workshops is working hard on the two day conference The Future of Web Apps in London. The summit is going to be held in London during February 20-21, 2007. I had the opportunity to attend the San Francisco, September 13-14 2006 conference for which I present the following notes… The Future of Web apps conference notes are available as a single PDF document for your convinience.

Web 2.0

Wednesday, September 13
Dick Hardt – The Emerging Age of Who
Kevin Rose – The Digg Story – Kevin talks about design and scalability.
Tom Coates – Social Change on the Web – Tom talks about users motivation.
Tantek Celik – Best Practice With Microformats – Microformats are fun.
Steve Olechowski – Ten Things You Didn’t Know About RSS
Carl Sjogreen – How We Built Google Calendar – Six key insights in building Google Calendar.
Mike Davidson – User-driven Content – Is it Working?

Thursday, September 14
Michael Arrington – What’s Next For Web Applications – “Raising too much money and spending it is a bad thing.”
Ted Rheingold – Dogster – “Commenting is community.”
Cal Henderson – Taking Flickr to Gamma – Cal Henderson of Flickr talks scalability and maintainability.
Evan Williams – Funding and Selling a Startup
Ryan Carson – 14 Things I Wish I Had Known – 14 things all web application developers should know.
Jeff Veen – Designing Better Web App Interfaces
Matt Mullenweg – The Story Behind WordPress – Matt talks about plugins, users, and globalization.


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