JavaOne 2006 Conference Notes

I am already looking forward to JavaOne 2007. I had a great time at this year’s JavaOne and I thought I clean up and shape up my JavaOne conference blog posts into a single PDF document. The JavaOne 2006 Conference Notes highlights the following 21 JavaOne sessions…

JavaOne 2006

Wednesday, June 17 2006
JavaOne Wednesday General Session – Thomas Kurian of Oracle talks about EJB 3.0.
Effective Java Reloaded – Joshua Bloch on Effective Java with Generics.
Web Services With Eclipse – Eclipse Web Tools Project.
Design This Container – NetBeans GUI Builder.
Dos and Don’ts For Swing Apps – Karsten Lentzsch of JGoodies gives Swing tips.
Groovy On The JVM – Groovy = Java Tech + Ruby + Python for the JVM.
RAD Frameworks For The Java Platform – Grails, Trails, RIFE panel discussion.

Thursday, June 18 2006
JavaOne Thursday General Session – IBM talks about tools.
Visual Basic And The Java Platform – Running Visual Basic Applications on the JVM.
Simplify Enterprise Development With Scripting – Another Groovy, JSR 223 session.
Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 – EJB 3.0 … to little, to late?.
Desktop Patterns And Data Binding – Karsten Lentzsch talks desktop patterns.
Extreme GUI Makeover: Lookin’ Better – Pimp my Swing app.
AJAX Smackdown – Dojo, Flex, DWR, JSF, Java/Swing WebStart panel discussion.
Java Champions – Java Champions BOF.
Rapid Web Development With Grails – Grails Walkthough.

Friday, June 19 2006
JavaOne Friday General Session – The return of Scott McNealy.
Javax Scripting – JSR 223 and Scripting API.
Rich Client Platforms – Eclipse RCP, NetBeans Platform, and Spring RCP.
Using UML 2.0 – UML 2.0.
API Design – How to write APIs that will stand the test of time.


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