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      Juixe Software is dedicated to writing code that makes people happy, and by people I usually refer to me!

      Map Builder

      Map Builder helps to quickly and interactively create, design, and generate the necessary JavaScript code for displaying a Google Map. You can add markers for points of interest, and set the zoom level and center of the map. Create Google Maps with the places that interest you and add the JavaScript to your blog.

      02 Jul 2007


      Yurlz is all about your urls, that is your website bookmarks. Yurlz allows you to share, distribute, comment, rate, and discuss your favorite sites. Yurlz is powered by Ruby on Rails, a Ruby based web application framework, and a ton of Rails plugins.

      11 Nov 2006

      Acts as Rateable Ruby on Rails Plugin

      The Acts as Rateable Ruby on Rails plugin add a rating system functionality to your Rails application.

      05 Jul 2006

      Acts as Bookmarkable Ruby on Rails Plugin

      The Acts as Bookmarkable plugin for the Ruby on Rails application framework can help in developing your very own social bookmarking web site, like del.icio.us or reddit.

      05 Jul 2006

      Acts as Voteable Ruby on Rails Plugin

      The Acts as Voteable plugin for the Ruby on Rails web application framework allows you to add Digg style voting.

      24 Jun 2006

      Acts as Commentable Ruby on Rails Plugin

      An early Ruby on Rails plugin used to make any Rails model commentable. Rails plugins are the most obvious ways to extend Ruby on Rails and the easiest way to drop in new functionality to your web application. More Acts as Commentable is available on the Juixe TechKnow blog.

      18 Jun 2006