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Eclipse Tool Tip #7: Resource and Class Type Find

It is hard to keep track of all class files you may need to edit in large project, much less the package those classes reside in. When I need to lookup and inspect a class I use the Ctrl+Shirt+T to open the Open Type dialog. This dialog allows you to enter the class name, or […]

Eclipse Tool Tip #6: Quick Find

Most people know that in Windows base application you can hit the ctrl+f keys to search within a document. Of course supports Eclipse ctrl+f but if you want to do a quick search just highlight the word of interest (you can double click to highlight) and hit the ctrl+k to find the next instance of […]

Eclipse Tool Tip #5: Templates

Continuing with the Eclipse Tool Tip Series try this out. Inside a method type ‘ins’ and then hit the ctrl+space keys. You should see the instanceof template in the code assist popup box. Select it and you get the following bit of code generated for you: if (name instanceof type) { type new_name = (type) […]

Eclipse Tool Tip #4: Key Assist

Every once in a while you need an assist, well, Eclipse gives it to you. Go to Help > Key Assist to open a dialog containing a lot of short cuts to different Eclipse functionality such as Content Assist (ctrl+space) to Word Complete (alt+/). The hot key short cuts I use the most are ctrl+shift+r […]

Eclipse Tool Tip #3: Code Perspective

Even though I have two monitors, I need to utilize every possible dpi of IDE real estate. Eclipse has provides for different perspectives such as Debug and Java but it does not matter what perspective I am using, I am most interested in the code. To focus on the code select the source file you […]

Eclipse Tool Tip #2: Local History

Yet another reason to love Eclipse is its Local History feature. Yeah, you might have a version control system but what happens if your recent changes are accidentally wiped out before you commit them to CVS, Perforce, or whatever else you use? If you are using Eclipse, you compare your current source file against locally […]

Eclipse Tool Tip #1: Getters and Setters

Currently my favorite IDE is Eclipse 3.1.0. For this inaugural Eclipse Tool Tip, I will just mention a time saver of a feature. When creating a new JavaBean, start by defining the attributes. Once this is done, go to Source > Generate setters and getters. This will open a wizard to allow you to select […]

Web Service With Eclipse

The name for this session almost reads like a run on sentence: Create, Test, and Consume Web Services with the Eclipse Web Tools Project. This session covered the new features in the Eclipse Web Tools Project. The audience was shown how to use the multiple web tools wizards in Eclipse to create, test, and consume […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2019 Overview

The following is a short list of tools, libraries, and projects that I found interesting at Oracle OpenWorld 2019. Oracle APEX – Rapid Application Development framework built on top of Oracle’s database.  With little code, build CRUD application around database tables or even excel documents. Oracle Jet – Oracle’s JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) for building […]

Retweets February 2009

From time to time I just blast tweets about software development, project planning, team dynamics, or whatever else comes to mind. Here is a synopsis of recent tweets and rants. Programming JavaFX Script is a zig zag cross between Java class system, JavaScript vars, XML declerativeness, Groovy Builders, and Ruby duck typing. JavaFX Script has […]

The Rubyist: June Edition

Here is a recap of the top Ruby-related links for the month of June. The month of June saw a lot of articles, interviews, and video from RailsConf 2008. The big excitement from RailsConf was news of MagLev, a ruby implementation built on top of a Smalltalk VM. Other big news items to in the […]

Programming Flex 2 – Book Critique

There are many formats in which to write a technology book, such as those nutshell, cookbook, and dummy book formats. There are also a set of books that introduce you to a subject from a distance, those that provide a ton of nitty-gritty code snippets, and those that build a sample, yet trivial, application. I […]

Top 15 iPhone Web Development Resources

Here is a list of links to the best available iPhone development resources such as simulators, development plugins, wikis, and other JavaScript/HTML/Safari documentation. iPhoney – A free iPhone web simulator for designers. iPhone Interface in JavaScript – A JavaScript based iPhone simulator. iPhone Simulator – Yet another JavaScript-based iPhone simulator. Morfik Builds First iPhone Development […]

JavaOne 2007 Conference Notes

Here are all my notes taken at CommunityOne and JavaOne 2007. I was in San Francisco for 5 days and attended over 40 technical and birds of a feather sessions and managed to put together this 30 page document. For you download pleasure you can find a PDF version of all my conference notes. CommunityOne […]

Software Project Management with Maven 2

The one development tool that I use every single day, aside from Eclipse, is Maven. Maven is a software project management tool developed by the Jakarta peeps at the Apache Software Foundation. Maven allows me to build, test, and package our entire Java application in one command. Our application is a proprietary Rapid Application Framework […]