What To Do When iPad Home Button Stops Working

I’m still using my first generation iPad. I’ve had no issues with my iPad except that a little over a month ago the home button would occasionally stop working. The home button would work intermittently and I would have to push it multiple times for it to register. After a while, the home button would work one time five or ten. The home button on the iPad or iPhone is important because it is what you use to exit out of an app. No matter how I pressed the home button on my iPad or how long I held it down it would not exit out of the app I would be using. I grew frustrated and even considered trading in my otherwise functioning iPad.

The way I worked around the home button not working is to use Multitasking Gestures. As soon as you detect any issue with your home button on you iPad go and open the Settings app. In the Settings app, click on General and then enable the Multitasking Gestures. Once you have the Multitasking Gestures enabled, you don’t need the home button to exit an app but can instead exit an app by pinching your five fingers together. Place the tips of your five fingers in the screen and bring your fingers together to the center of the screen in a pinch gesture and it will close the currently opened app.

If you find that the home button on you iPad stops functioning correctly then turn on the Multitasking Gestures from the Settings app. The five finger pinch will act as if you pressed the home button. You can also do a five finger swipe to move from different apps or you can swipe up with five fingers to reveal the multitasking bar and navigate between apps this way.

iPad Multitask Gesture

iPad Multitask Gestures setting

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