Retweet November 2010

From time to time I just blast tweets about software development, project planning, team dynamics, or whatever else comes to mind. Here is a synopsis of recent tweets and rants. If you want to follow the conversation follow me at techknow and/or juixe and I’ll be sure to follow back.

Software Development

  • The worst class name of the day: PdfPTableEventable
  • I be slaying bugs and zombie code from my killer app!
  • I don’t know of it’s a good thing, a bad sign, or just 5PM when the hardest aspect of a feature is naming the database table!
  • Writing convenience classes is being nice to your development team.
  • What is the the “Hello, World” equivalent of entrepreneurship? Lemonade stand? T-shirt business? Blog network?
  • In space no one can hear you scream, but in the internet everybody can hear you scream and they’ll remix you and add funny captions.
  • It may be true that God created man in his own image. What I know as true is that developers implement features in their own self image.
  • The other day I saw a book called programming for dummies. I’m sorry but there are already to many dummies in this field, myself included.
  • Math makes stuff possible.

Team Leadership

  • Hauling ass and kicking ass.
  • Current success often hampers future success.
  • I love problem solving, not problem bitching!
  • No matter your problem it will be eclipsed by the sun going super nova.
  • If you going to bring it you got to bring it with full force.
  • Be quick to compromise, buy slow to relent.
  • There is strength is self managing teams.
  • If you going to throw rocks, you best bring your catapult!
  • It may be true that the customers is always right, but very often he is also unsure and insecure.
  • Cheerleaders are anything but leaders, they are mostly followers. Give me a original idea!
  • Often times the fundamentals are fundamentally wrong.
  • Theory yields to practice, practice cedes to skill, skill submits to experience.
  • Big companies have big visions, but most importantly they have big problems. Often times addressing those big problems stifles innovation.
  • There should never be a anointed team leader, leadership should not be a single player, leadership should be the ball that is passed around.
  • Asking team members if they are done with x, y, and z and you don’t know that they are working on a, b, and c is a broken process.
  • Don’t wait for an idea to run away with, take the first idea that strikes you out for a walk, maybe some coffee.
  • There are several ways to meet a challenge, one is not make eye contact and see if it passes you by, the other is to walk right and say hi.
  • Instead of trying to build a better mousetrap why not put your efforts to build a better mouse?
  • Status quo is the enemy.
  • Refactor, remix, and remaster company culture.

Product Placement

  • Even Facebook’s design looks like big brother designed it. It has a plastic government agency feel.
  • Most of Facebook’s features resemble social oriented spam.
  • Facebook is what you do when you want to be social when you don’t want to be social.
  • Can Tumblr be a Facebook alternative?
  • Dealing with Amazon Customer Support and returns has left me feeling sad and upset, I feel so low that I feel like shopping!
  • The next big Google product is not being built in Google.
  • The only musical instrument I know how to play is my iPhone.
  • I can’t wait until Steve Jobs makes an iPhone that you can control with your mind. Forget the iTouch, I want my iThough!


  • Pass me a gravy IV, stat!
  • The turkey has landed.
  • Happy Turkey and Stuffing Day.
  • Let there be stuffing.
  • Yum yams
  • Thankful and grateful, and just plain full.

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