Retweet June 2010

From time to time I just blast tweets about software development, project planning, team dynamics, or whatever else comes to mind. Here is a synopsis of recent tweets and rants. If you want to follow the conversation follow me at techknow and/or juixe and I’ll be sure to follow back.

Software Development

  • Craftsmanship is not a computer algorithm.
  • If models can be super, what can programmers be? Leet?
  • Just like you’re not supposed to go to a book by its cover don’t judge an application by its installer
  • Some people call it cheating, I call it romantic A/B testing.
  • Eric Schmidt’s tie is selected by a computer algorithm that tests over 80 different hues of blue based on his current location and weather.
  • I’m not implemented yet.

Team Leadership

  • If you don’t remember when you took a vacation last, you need a vacation!
  • Money buys opportunities and experiences but not talent or happiness.
  • Sometimes work/life balance feels like juggling eggs and frying pans on a tight rope as the audience throws carnival rings at your head.
  • Perfection is a deception.
  • Be scrappy, not crappy!
  • Most people don’t search beyond the first page of the search engine results’ page anymore.
  • Thoughts can’t be stolen, only forgotten!
  • The truth is never complete.
  • Some cover up mistake by making a bigger mistake.
  • Facts are nether negative or positive but they are often interpreted as such.
  • People can find offense in anything.

Product Placement

  • If you want you iPhone 4 to get better reception just don’t touch it or use it.
  • And then Steve Jobs said, “Let there be multi-touch.”
  • Eating Cheetos and tweeting on an iPad/iPhone is not a good idea. Finger food and finger computing don’t mix.
  • If Steve Jobs was president and the BP Oil Spill happened in his watch he would say, “Not that big of a deal. Steve Sent from my iPhone.”
  • Steve Jobs should run NASA.
  • If Steve Jobs always wears a black t-shirt, does he always wear tidy whities?
  • I wish iTunes could organize songs by mood in addition to genre or album.
  • Can’t wait until there is a Face Time Roulette service for the iPhone 4!
  • AT&T and Apple are using the police as PR enforcers.
  • Twitter feels like it was programmed by state programmers in Soviet Russia in the 70’s, it has constant disruptions, is not reliable, etc.
  • Mr. Zuckerborg, tear down this walled garden.
  • Bill Gates should come out of retirement and run Facebook.
  • Scientists should invent self cleaning toilets like they have done for self cleaning oven.


  • Not that big of a deal. Non issue. You are holding it wrong. – Steve Jobs
  • Privacy means people know what they are signing up for in plain English. Some people want to share more data. Ask them. – Steve Jobs
  • No one single answer is ever the answer to everything. – South Park
  • Our Science is great. – South Park
  • The devil is in the implementation. – Leo Laporte
  • Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand – Kurt Vonnegut
  • I hate BP, but I admire them too, in the same way I respect the work ethic of serial killers. – Scott Adams
  • I have a theory that you should invest in the companies that you hate the most – Scott Adams

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