Zombie Code

In this conversation tweet snippet I rant about dead code when someone noted that in a Murphy’s Law sort of way, you don’t need dead code until you delete it. Thank goodness for version control systems.

Zombie Code

  • @techknow: It is a dead end maintaining dead code, unused, and unreachable code.
  • @archiloque There is something schrödingerian about dead code: it is often unreachable *until* you remove it.
  • @techknow: LOL my question is, if you have dead code in a live site is that considered zombie code or sleeper cell code?

Here I question how evil Google really is when a friend warns me that whatever you say about Google may be used against you by going viral. Google is big brother and it’s CEO thinks we can place our trust in it before our governments. I can’t wait until Google hires Hilary Clinton as the Senior Vice President of the Division of State at Google.


  • @techknow Google, if you are not evil why you have to make that your motto? Who are you trying to convince?
  • @vladgur: Don’t hate Google on an indexable medium.
  • @techknow: Good advice, Google’s cache does not forget.

Spaghetti Code is when the code is so convoluted that it’s code path resembles a plate of entangled spaghetti. Here I rant about working with code base that smells like a bad plate of spaghetti.

Code for Dinner

  • @techknow: It is possible to make Spaghetti Code out of Obeject Oriented Programmmmmming. Om nom nom.
  • @mcory1: Possible? Heck, its pretty easy sometimes, even if you know what you’re doing ;)
  • @techknow: I’m working on some code that looks like a cross between Spaghetti Code and Lasagna Code. I need a bottle of wine to digest/debug this.

Chat Roulette is one of those ideas that are so simple that they are genius. Here a friend and I compare and contrast between Chat Roulette and the MTV television show Jersey shore.

Jersey Roulette

  • @techknow: MTV or VH1 should do a reality show based on chat roulette.
  • @jzy: It’s called Jersey Shore.
  • @techknow: LOL from what I have seen of Jersey Shore, I would think they used chat roulette to cast the show.
  • @jzy: I was just joking of course, no offense to Chatroulette.
  • @techknow: All kidding aside, I think chat roulette is a great idea. It reminds me of the early days of Twitter, I wish they had an open API.

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