The Mayor of Dead Space

In this tweet snippet of a conversation I replied to @ButtercupD who had been tweeting for the few days prior to this conversation that she was elected by Four Square to be the mayor of different locations in her area.

  • @ButtercupD: According to foursquare, I’m the mayor of Fred Segal/Santa Monica, and that’s all that matters. period.
  • @juixe: my boss wants me to be the mayor of the office…
  • @ButtercupD: aww, bummer. doesn’t sound as fun as fred segal. :((

In this tweet snippet, I had been thinking how my Kindle holds a whole bookshelf of books, how a private library of physical books can take up whole bunch of storage space (dead space) and paper (dead trees). A laptop, netbook, or electronic book reader can contain as much knowledge as there is at the local library.

  • @techknow: A book is heavier than the Internet.
  • @KishoreGopalan: But Internet doesnt give you the pleasure of page-turning.
  • @techknow: The pleasure I miss most from having physical hard cover books is throwing them at people. ;)

This conversation started when I asked if Google should remove the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button from their home page. Google prides themselves in having a minimalistic home page, they have been known to count and limit the number of words that appear on the home page. Thinking about how they could reduce down their page I thought of two suggestions. They could remove the lucky button or use hieroglyph-like icons for words such as privacy, search, lucky, sign out, settings, etc.

  • @techknow: Should Google remove the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button from their home page?
  • @mtodd: No. In fact, I wish that button was available everywhere, because I often know the first result is what I’m looking for…
  • @techknow: I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Does that say something about how I feel as a person about search?
  • SchemaCzar: Until “Google Search” gives repeatable results, every button should read “I’m Feeling Lucky”

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