Remote Debug Your Thinking Process

Here two tweet snippets of a conversation I had on Twitter about code. The first tweet snippet started from the realization that we can not only debug and optimize code but our thinking process.

  • @techknow: Debug your thinking process.
  • @DavidKaneda: @techknow Can’t — I only have the compiled version.
  • @techknow: @DavidKaneda You can remote debug your thinking process, so it is like a outer body hacking.

This tweet snippet of a conversation I had recently just pokes fun at Microsoft. Even after all these years, Microsoft blue screen of death and the negative perception/meme of Microsoft products provides so much joy to the world in the form of jokes!

  • @techknow: Most rehash it up, some mash it up, a few smash it up, I fresh it up!
  • @jzy: @techknow I trash it?
  • @techknow: @jzy LOL Microsoft Crash IT UP!

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