Programming Memes

Memes involving programming languages and technology in general are not updated once there is a new release. Java has been dogged with the perception that it is slow since Java 1.1, over ten years ago. Programming languages such as Perl, PHP, and Ruby have their share of FUDy memes. Here is a short list of programming memes…

  • Java is slow.
  • Perl is dead.
  • PHP is a not a proper language.
  • Ruby does not scale.
  • JavaScript is for script kiddies.

2 Responses to “Programming Memes”

  • Kyle Says:

    Add the positive memes… :)

    • Java is for the Enterprise
    • Everything actually runs on Perl – we just don’t talk about it
    • PHP is easier than everything else
    • Ruby is cooler than everything else
    • JavaScript…hmm…

    :) :)

  • TechKnow Says:

    @Kyle – The positive memes sounds as bad as the negative one… especially in the case of Java. LOL

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