Developers’ Perpetual Todo List

There are a few things that every developer has to day in and day out every week. I like working on new projects and new features but the mechanics of software development can feel like a routine. Here my todo list that I do just about every week…

  • Checkin early, checkin often, sync everyday (Perforce).
  • Run build (Maven).
  • Add and run tests (JUnit).
  • Refactor, reduce, simplify API (Eclipse).
  • Profile code (YourKit).
  • Analyze source (FindBugs).
  • Clean up comments.
  • Clean up warnings.
  • Update wiki (MoinMoin).
  • Remove dead code.
  • Code review.
  • Write TPS reports.
  • Rinse and repeate.

Did I miss anything? What is your developer routine look like?

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