All Code is Inherently Evil

Here is a snippet of a conversation I had on Twitter about code. I thought it was interesting how my conclusion lead to a belief that all code is inherently evil. Maybe I went flew off the rails on that conclusion, but if early optimization is the root of all evil… how evil is regular code?

  • @techknow: Less code is the best code.
  • @Archimage: So you are saying that no-code is the best code ;-) (yes I know what you meant).
  • @techknow: The inverse of this means that any code is bad code. Sort of like Original Sin of Code!?
  • @Archimage: Which implies it can be made better.
  • @techknow: Only if it repents.

In the following snippet of conversation, @newparadigm introduced me to Let Me Google That for You ( This site animates someone typing a search term into a page that looks like Google and hitting the search button. If anyone ever asks you what the private keyword is for, just direct them to Let Me Google That for You!

  • @techknow: There might not be any stupid questions, but it is a lot smarter to find out the answer yourself!
  • @newparadigm: AGREED – (
  • @techknow: LOL that’s kewl! If anyone ever asks me a simple question question I am going to send a link to Let Me Google That for You (
  • @newparadigm: haha. my boss only had to send that to me once before i stopped asking questions before my own research!
  • @techknow: If this only worked with or internal wiki, it would make me 20% more productive.

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