The Three Laws of Twitters

Math is composed of a small set of rules or postulates that together can be used to express formulas that try to explain the universe. Not unlike the Three Laws of Robotics, here are the Three Laws of Twitters. These laws are fundamental, much like mathematical axioms.

  • The First Twitter Axiom: If you explicitly ask others to retweet your tweet, then your tweet is probably not worth the retweet.
  • The Second Twitter Axiom: It’s not the number of followers that matters, it is how you use it.
  • The Third Twitter Axiom: Don’t take the Twitter question to literal. In addition to asking what you are doing, ask how you are going to change the world?

Here is a bonus fourth rule…

The Fourth Twitter Axiom: If it takes you three or more tweets to say it, it should be a blog post.

These laws were created out of a conversation between techknow, adriandz, SeanLazer. Follow us to join the conversation.

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