Software Development Tweets

As of late I have been more active on Twitter and often I just blast tweets about software development. Here is a synopsis of recent tweets and rants on programming and development.

  • Saying that a bug or a problem will be fixed in the a future release does not fix the it.
  • I have heard that some teams follow the Software Development Life Cycle. But I have seen teams follow the Software Development Death March.
  • It doesn’t matter how smart you are, or how smart I think I am. Regression testing will prove us both wrong.
  • Technology books such as those from O’Reilly or Apress need a ‘best used before’ born on date freshness seal. The information in tech books is perishable.
  • When people are too busy to learn, they are not being productive.
  • I am refactoring a 5K LOC class that is a melting pot of half baked design patterns.
  • This class is an exhibitionist, it doesn’t believe in hiding it’s private parts.
  • I go cuckoo for cocoa touch.
  • Obviously, you can’t connect to the server is you are not running the server!
  • If programming platforms where like political platforms, .NET would be republican, Java would be democrats, and python would be green party.
  • You can only stand in front of a client only if you know what you say you know.
  • Detained in Guantanamo Bay or in an Apple Tech Talk, either way I can’t talk about it.
  • The first rule of iPhone SDK is – you DON’T talk about iPhone SDK.
  • In Objective-C, a class is an object… Wow.
  • That is the mind bending aspect of it, an ObjC class is an object and yet there is +class methods… again, wow.

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