Juixe TechKnow Predictions 2009

The only prediction I am sure for certain is that I won’t make my living off predicting the future. That said, at this the time of year where pundits probe they don’t know what they are talking about by making bad predictions in their respective industries. So without further ado here are my predictions, composed via a random number generator.

  • Bloggers will make more money collecting cans and bottles than from Google Adsense.
  • Google App Engine will support Java, including a Wicket-like framework.
  • At least 30 new Java web frameworks will be released.
  • Sun will release a ton of small Java projects as Open Source and then cut funding and development effort on said projects.
  • Yahoo will go to congress and ask for a bailout.
  • Browser Wars II will be fought between IE, Firefox, and Chrome over HTML 5 and CSS 3 standardization.
  • Mozila XULRunner will become a viable host for applications.
  • Lisp dialects will make a strong resurgence and then retreat to the ivory tower of academia.
  • Apple had me sign a NDA that prohibits me from making predictions regrading their product offerings.
  • A clean tech cartel, akin to OPEC, will form, trade and set prices for the carbon credit market.

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