Beginning Android Development

The iPhone App Store has been a huge success for both Apple and indie developers that have developed applications for the iPhone. Even with all the success, some iPhone developer have been very vocal about the stringent process and restrictions involved to release applications for the iPhone. On the other hand, the Android platform promises to be a more open environment and developer friendly. Sure Android does not yet have the market share that the iPhone currently enjoys but if history is any indicator, an open platform will gain a wider market share in the long term over a closed platform. Just look at the near monopoly success of PCs over Macs. Whatever the case, developing mobile application on the Android platform can be a fun and positive endeavor. To help you move onto the Android platform there is a myriad of development books. Here is a short list of the currently available books aimed at those interested in created mobile applications for the G1 phone.

If you are interested in developing for the iPhone, you may be interested on the following Beginning iPhone Development.

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