Flex and 3D UI: For Games and More

For the last session of Silicon Valley Codecamp 2008, I attended the talk by Vic Cekvenich. Vic shared his experience of developing rich interactive UI applications with Flex. Vic started out by saying that the Flash development culture is completely opposite than your typical software development project. Any half decent software development project uses version control software, build systems, programming best practices, unit tests, etc. Flash developers are more comfortable with the Flash CS design tool whereas classically trained software developers are more comfortable using Integrated Development Environments such as Visual Studio or Eclipse. Vic stated that Flash CS has an anti social development feel.

Vic also had time to walk through flash 3D 101. He demoed Flex, Papervision 3D, and FlashDevelop.

At the end of the talk, Vic made the following suggestion when working with flash: Use shadows/reflections, encapsulate 3D models in a standard format, avoid Flash CS, allow for repeatable testable and agile development environment, avoid local assets…

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