Component Based Java Web Development with Apache Wicket

Karthik Gurumurthy was at the Silicon Valley Codecamp 2008 to talk about Apache Wicket. Wicket is yet another Java based web framework. Wicket has a real nice separation between markup and code and consists of plain old java and plain old HTML. Unlike the other Java frameworks, Wicket has minimum configuration, zero XML files and no annotations. Even though Wicket is yet another Java based web development framework it does not introduce yet another expression language. Wicket templates are the most designer friendly web development view technology that I have seen, it essence they are pure HTML except for a wicket:id attribute that is added to tags for which you are interested in. The Wicket Java component for a HTML form has the same familiar feel as Swing. You first create a an instance of a Wicket page, then form object and add components to the HTML form elements such as text fields, password fields, etc, just as you would add JComponents to a JPanel.

Wicket is a relatively new framework compared with Struts, Grails, Spring MVC, Tapestry, GWT, WebWork, etc but it is getting traction. Currently there are three books dedicated to web development with Apache Wicket.

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