Eclipse Tool Tip #7: Resource and Class Type Find

It is hard to keep track of all class files you may need to edit in large project, much less the package those classes reside in. When I need to lookup and inspect a class I use the Ctrl+Shirt+T to open the Open Type dialog. This dialog allows you to enter the class name, or a regular expression of the class name, and will list all classes available to your project that match your query. One good feature about the Open Type dialog is that for each class type that it does match, it will display the package, jar, and location where it found the type.

Eclipse Open Type

If you don’t want to open the the type in the default editor you can instead use the Ctrl+Shirt+H shortcut to open the selected type in the hierarchy view.

Instead of a class, if you need to quickly lookup a XML, JSP, Properties or other resource files you can use the Ctrl+Shirt+R shortcut key combination to launch the Open Resource dialog. You can pretty much query lookup all resources with the Open Resource.

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