Ruby Web Frameworks

Ruby on Rails is perhaps the most popular Ruby-based web framework, but it is not the only web framework that is available to fellow rubyist. In fact there is a growing number of alternative Ruby Web Frameworks. In not particular order, here is a short list of my top favorite Ruby web frameworks.

Ruby on Rails – Rails is a full-stack framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern.
Nitro – Nitro provides everything you need to create state-of-the-art Web 2.0 applications with ease and joy. Nitro applications are written using Ruby (server side) and Javascript (client side).
Camping – Camping is a web microframework which consistently stays at less than 4kb of code.
Merb – Like Ruby on Rails, Merb is an MVC framework. Unlike Rails, Merb is ORM-agnostic, JavaScript library agnostic, and template language agnostic, preferring plugins that add in support for a particular feature rather than trying to produce a monolithic library with everything in the core.
Waves – Waves is feature-rich, compact, and extensible. Waves is thread-safe, hot-patchable, and supports easy clustering. Waves relies on best-of-breed Ruby libraries, including Rack, Sequel, and Markaby among others.
Ramaze – Ramaze is a simple, light and modular open-source web application framework.
Sinatra – Sinatra is the easiest way to create a Fast, RESTful, web-application in Ruby with few dependencies, setup, and LOC.

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