Google App Engine Analysis

Technology pundits and developers alike are busy writing and speculating about Google’s latest SDK, Google App Engine, before they actually write code. People are speculating that this will position Python as the dominant dynamic scripting language for the next hype cycle. Other have mentioned that this is Google’s entry into cloud computing, web services, and application hosting. I think that App Engine is a large overarching endeavor that will eventually compete with many different and distinct entities.

In one hand, as a SDK, App Engine will compete against the myriad of Java, PHP, and Ruby frameworks. If Google delivers on its promises, App Engine will have the performance and scalability of Java and the development ease and joy of Ruby on Rails. As choosing, Python for the default language, App Engine places Python against Ruby for the dynamic scripting language of choice amongst developers.

From another perspective, App Engine will eventually complete with any application hosting environments like Amazon Web Services, Salesforce AppExchange, and hosting vendor like TextDrive Accelerator.

In my mind, there are still many unanswered concerns, for example, to use a App Engine application end users log in with Google credentials. Are those your users or Google’s? App Engine also opens a lot of privacy concerns for all parties involved. I would also be concerned with intellectual property and data rights and ownership.

Google App Engine is a multi-headed, multi-dimensional paradigm shift. Within a day of its release, there are already 10,000 developers hacking away at a web application that will eventually run App Engine, for me, that is instant success!

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