Mac OS X Boot Camp

Boot Camp allows you to run Microsoft Windows on your Mac, natively just as you would on any laptop from Dell or HP. In essence, boot camp allows you to start and run either OS X or Windows on your Apple hardware.

Boot Camp is easy to set up and configure and perhaps that is why I was unable to find any tutorials or instructions on how to set it up, so that is why I am writing this post.

Before you begin, I would recommend you back your data.

If you are using Mac OS X Leopard, just launch Boot Camp Assistant located under the Applications | Utilities folder. Select ‘Create or remove a Windows partition’ to create a separate disk partition to install Windows on. Select the size for the Windows partition.

Once you have created the partition, you can insert an ‘authentic’ Windows installation CD and restart your system. You should use Windows XP with SP2 or Windows Vista. When your computer restarts, it will ask to load from the CD which takes you through the Windows installation process. Before the installation can begin, you will be prompted to select the partition to install Windows to, select the partition with BOOT CAMP in the name. Be careful not to delete or install over you Mac OS X partition.

Once you have installed Windows, insert your OS X Leopard installation CD to install the required drivers for your Apple hardware. At this point, you should have both Windows and Mac OS X installed on your Mac. To switch from one operating system to another, restart you computer and hold down the Option key. Holding down the Option key will allow you to choose which system to start. If you don’t hold down the Option key you will boot using the default system.

It is also a good idea to update your Windows installation with the latest security patches. After I installed Windows I had to restart Windows twice; once to get 86 patches including IE 7, and the second time to get additional patches for IE 7. I’ve discovered that Windows security is an oxymoron!

To change the default operating system which your computer boots from, you can use the Startup Disk application found under the System Preference in Mac OS X. In Windows launch the Boot Camp application in the Control Panel and select the default system on the Startup Disk tab.

It is great that I can boot either OS X or Windows on my Mac, but I would prefer if Apple would provide the same level of Boot Camp support for Ubuntu!

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2 Responses to “Mac OS X Boot Camp”

  • luco Says:

    cool! thanks a lot. I almost freaked out a couple times now, but I managed to install Vista on my MacBook. I think the Mac is not happy. LOL

  • radix10 Says:

    running vista on my macbook pro makes it get burning hot….while the energy management feature in Leopard…keeps the case a mild warm…Is this Apple’s way of giving Microsoft the finger?

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