Firefox Extension: ScreenGrab!

Unlike some developers I know and work with, I have a very vanilla installation of Firefox. I know some Firefox enthusiasts that have a ton of add on extensions like Greasemonkey, delicious, enhanced tabs, and what not. Up until recently I have used only one extension, FireBug, but I have recently discovered ScreenGrab! ScreenGrab lets you create PNG screen shots of the current web page on your browser.

ScreenGrab in Action

The screen shot can be of the entire web page, the current visible portion, or of a selected portion. Once you install ScreenGrab and restart FireFox you will find a new icon on the lower right of the browser window. Click it if you like to capture a current web page. ScreenGrab does not capture any of the decoration of the browser, just the page content itself. You can also capture a screenshot by right clicking on a page and select the ScreenGrab menu item.

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