Top 15 iPhone Web Development Resources

Here is a list of links to the best available iPhone development resources such as simulators, development plugins, wikis, and other JavaScript/HTML/Safari documentation.

Bonus Resource

  • IPhoneWebDev – Some nice web examples and tips for the iPhone.

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8 Responses to “Top 15 iPhone Web Development Resources”

  • Did you Cope today? Says:

    […] Top 15 iPhone Web Development Resources […]

  • Ben Says:

    I’ve put together a wiki of information for iPhone Developers.

  • Quest's Blog Says:

    La fiebre del iPhone…

    Sin duda una de las ultimas grandes estrategias de Apple Inc., ha sido el lanzamiento de su propio teléfono celular, el iPhone. Aunque últimamente han existido algunos problemas, por lo cual se han devuelvo cientos de iPhone y que aun existen 68 bug…

  • Peter Schmalfeldt Says:

    iPhone Web Developer Tool

    This application allows you to use your iPhone for Web Developing. You can View Source, Find on Page, Outline Divs & Tables, etc. Similar to the Firefox Web Developer Extension. Simply drag bookmarks into the web browser that you have your iPhone or iPod Touch synced to and you’re good to go. Works on any site.

    Let me know what you think. If you have stuff you want added just let me know.

    – Peter Schmalfeldt

  • Michael Says:

    Hi there, I hope you don’t mind me posting this… I don’t see a “contact” link… but I just started a group blog where developers are free to post their apps and updates.

    I also run an app review site but I get so many requests that I’ll never be able to honor them all, so this other site is a way for developers to get the promotion and link juice they’re looking for.


  • Michael McGovern Says:

    Great post, did not know there was firebug for iPhone, I’m getting it. I’ll definitely be linking to your post in my next one at Thanks!

  • BFreedman Says:

    Even though your post appeared in July 2007, it remains useful.

    One welcome change in iPhone development is that there are several tools which allow web developers to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop iPhone applications without learning Objective-C. See the article in Wikipedia at Phone Web App Frameworks.

  • Guy Says:

    Hello Juixe, thanks for this article! I’d like to notice that we also provide beautiful website templates for iOS developers. Currently our download archive contains more than 100 of professionally created web templates (incl. layered PSD files). Visit and download them all… :-)

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