Favorite Programming Tumblelogs

According to wikipedia, a tumblelog is a variation of a blog, that favors short-form, mixed-media posts over the longer editorial posts frequently associated with blogging. I like to think of a tumblelog as a miniblog. Here are some of my favorite programming related tumblelogs.

  • Anarchaia – This might have been the first tumblelog, according to Kottke.
  • Dr Nic’s Journey – Dr Nic writes about “the small things in my day so I don’t clutter the Dr Nic site.” He writes mostly about Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and popular culture.
  • technoweenie, wtf – Technoweenie writes about his tumblelog, “Probably a lame project.ioni.st wannabe.” Mostly popular culture form this well known Rubyist and Railer.
  • Application Error – “application-error.com is a tumblelog; an assorted buffé of rubbish presented by your host for the night Johan Sørensen.”
  • Projectionist – This tumblelog is contributed by Rubyists Marcel Molina, Sam Stephenson, Chad Fowler, and others.
  • ni.hili.st* – A classic tumblelog covering programming and popular culture.
  • A Rubyist Railstastic Adventure – This is my own Ruby/Rails tumblelog which supplements some of the Ruby related writing found on this site.
  • Java Musings – This is my Java related tumblog. It contains mostly quotes, most often than not from the Java Posse.
  • Happy Coder’s Daily Digest – This is my tumblelog RSS feed reader. It gets the feeds for programmers such as James Gosling, Graeme Rocher, Nick Sieger, Romain Guy, Peter Cooper, Charles Nutter, Tor Norbye, Joel on Software, Chad Fowler, and _Why.

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