JavaOne 2007 Conference Notes

Here are all my notes taken at CommunityOne and JavaOne 2007. I was in San Francisco for 5 days and attended over 40 technical and birds of a feather sessions and managed to put together this 30 page document. For you download pleasure you can find a PDF version of all my conference notes.

CommunityOne 2007: Monday
Welcome to CommunityOne 2007
Getting Started and what’s New in GlassFish v2
Lunch with the Java Posse
Ajax Applications Made Easy with jMaki and Scripting
Swing GUI Building with Matisse: Chapter II
JRuby: Understanding the Fuss
Up the Stack

JavaOne 2007: Tuesday
Tuesday General Session
JRuby on Rails – Agility for the Enterprise
Evolutionary Java – General Session
Java Puzzlers
Using jMaki in a Visual Development Environment
Java Persistence API – Best Practices and Tips
Developing a Real-World Web Application with NetBeans 5.5 Visual Web Pack
Grails, Sails, and Trails – Rails Through a Coffee Filter
Rapid Seam Application Development with the NetBeans IDE

JavaOne 2007: Wednesday
Wednesday General Session
Swing Vector Graphics
Effective Java Reloaded – This Time It’s for Real
Building JavaServer Faces Applications with Spring and Hibernate
Extreme GUI Makeover 2007
Anatomy of an Eclipse RCP Application
Tricks and Tips with NIO
Dive into the GlassFish Aquarium
Seamless Web Browser Integration
Putting a Swing Front End on a Web Application

JavaOne 2007: Thursday
Thursday General Session
Being Productive with Swing
Technical Overview of GlassFish v2
JavaScript FX
Why Spaghetti is Not Tasty
Beans Binding
Write a 3D Game in Java
Web 3.0 – This is the Semantic Web
The Java 3D API and Java Binding for OpenGL
Glossitope – An Open-Source Java-based Widget Container

JavaOne 2007: Friday
Friday General Session
Bringing Life to Swing Desktop Applications
Ajax and JavaServer Faces Tooling in Eclipse
Bytecode Manipulation Techniques for Dynamic Applications for the JVM
Filthy-Rich Clients – Talk Dirty to Me
Writing Games with Project Darkstar

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