Writing Games with Project Darkstar

For the last session of JavaOne 2007, I attended the Writing Games with Porject Darkstar technical session presented by Chris Melissinos, Sun’s Chief Gaming Officer, and Jeffrey Kesselman, Chief Darkstar Architect. Project Darkstart is Sun’s Gaming Server (SGS). Chris told the crowd of gamers that there is a huge demand for online game develop to lower costs. He also described how it is easier to make 15 games that generate $1M than to develop one game that will generate $15M. With that said, Chris elaborated that the purpose of Project Darkstar is to make practical, massively multi-player online (MMO) games. Current MMO games scale only by zoning users into different shards. The design goals for Darkstar are similar to those of GlassFish, Darkstar is to be a distributed, persistent, fault-tolerant server that is economical to develop for and administer.

There was also time for a quick discussion on how to develop a game on Darkstar. Someone spoke about their experience writing Bunny Hunter Online, a 2D multiplayer action game.

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