JavaOne 2007: Friday General Session

Friday’s general session, the last day of JavaOne 2007, is generally known as James Gosling’s Toy Show. The Toy Show is just a series of demonstrations of kewl applications and technologies that make good use of Java. To paraphrase Gosling, when all the announcements have been made “What do you do at the end? you inspire!”

Gosling talked a bit about, Sun’s pay-per-use grid computing network. Sun’s grid computing is offering 200 free hours. Tor Norby, the ‘Demo Stud’ as Gosling introduced him, showed off NetBeans 6 and demoed NetBeans’ Ruby on Rails integration and local file history. My favorite demo was of Project Wonderland. Wonderland is a virtual collaborate environment. You can run FireFox, NetBeans, and just about any other application in 3D in Wonderland. In wonderland, Gosling joked, is a virtual world where you could have your own window office. Gosling also talked about a meat scale with a JVM and browser that can communicate to a centralized database. Gosling also had robots, Robosapiens, literally running on Java and dancing on stage.

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