Beans Binding

In this aptly named technical session, Shannon Hickey and Hans Muller tag teamed to talked about the current state of JSR 295: Beans Binding. Right off the bat, Shannon said that the Beans Binding implementation is far from final and if any body has any thoughts on how beans binding should be done Shannon suggested they participate in the discussion.

The Beans Binding JSR intends to replace the property change and action listeners which litter Swing applications. In essence as Shannon described Beans Binding “keeps two properties in two objects in sync.” Beans Binding also has support for objects that don’t adhere to the bean pattern, such as collections. Beans Binding also has the ability and added value that it can convert and validate values of as it sync and binds them to the target object.

The end goal of Beans Binding is to make it trivial to bind an application model to a Swing UI component.

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