Technical Overview of GlassFish v2

This was the third and last JavaOne 2007 session that I attended that dealt about the GlassFish Application Server. This was a technical overview of what’s new the latest release of GlassFish. The new features in v2 include clustering support, high availability (five nines or that is 99.999), memory replication, and Java business integration just to name a few.

Just as a community service announcement, if you attend a technical session and the speaker starts off by saying, “I have been heads down on this feature…” you should walk out. Anybody that is head down for a year on some feature will surely bore you to death if you ask him about it, even if just in passing. Well this guy I am talking about went into how GlassFish uses JXTA, peer-to-peer technology, to achieve memory replication.

The latest release of GlassFish also has a server usage profiling tool, new administration console, performance enhancements, lazy loading of providers/containers such as EJB, JMS, and HTTP. It is makes good use of the Grizzly project.

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