JavaOne 2007: Thursday General Session

Padmasree Warrior, Motorola Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, gave the Thursday general session at JavaOne. As you can imagine, her theme was the mobile network. In a presentation entitled Platform Disturbia she stated that in the mobile device world each network, each device, each spacial domain is its own platform. She also presented some figures where she states the there are more cell phone devices than cars, or televisions, or any other electronic consumer good. Padmasree enthusiastically said, “The whole world is a hot spot.”

Padmasree had a quick panel discussion regarding which mobile technology will win, mobile AJAX vs J2ME. The panel discussion was with mobile tech writers and pundits AJit Jaokar and C. Enrique Ortiz. In the end, I think it was Enrique that said that both have their strengths and weaknesses. To me, the debate sounded a lot like the same one between the desktop and web applications.

One thing that Padmasree said that stuck with me was that software development is about the user experience not the user interface. Sometimes as engineers we do over think a solution. We often design a system which ends up looking and behaving like it was designed by a software engineer, not a real person.

Motorola also took the time to promote their Open Source initiatives and their Developer Studio.

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