JavaOne 2007: Wednesday General Session

Thomas Kurian, Senior Vice President of Development in Oracle, gave the Wednesday morning general session. Thomas said that Oracle is following four key technological trends including JEE 5.0, Server-Oriented Architecture and Event Driven Architecture, Web 2.0, and grid computing. As Thomas spoke I keep thinking of JEE 5.0 as a MVC framework with EJB3/JPA as the model, JSF/AJAX as the view, and JSF as the controller.

Thomas talked about having JSF components that would generate AJAX or Flash widgets just as naturally as HTML. Thomas also talked a bit about enterprise mashups as corporations begin to bridge together AJAX, JSF, SMS, RSS, wiki, blogs, and social applications with business applications.

Thomas also position Oracle as a large and committed Open Source contributer and mentioned EclipseLink, Oracle recent code donation to the Eclipse Foundation.

While Thomas spoke about Oracle’s position in the middleware, a thought occurred to me. Plain Old Java Objects (POJO) as used in EJB 3 and JPA are not as plain as you are lead to believe, but these objects might well be renamed to Plain Annotated Java Objects (PAJO).

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