CommunityOne 2007: JRuby: Understanding the Fuss

Fellow Sun engineers Tor Norbye and Charles Nutter presented on the past, present, and future fuss of JRuby at CommunityOne 2007. To understand where JRuby is heading, the presenters painted a clear picture of the Ruby programming language. Ruby is a dynamically typed pure object-oriented language originally written by Yukihiro ‘Matz’ Matsumoto. The Ruby programming language is an expressive, powerful, and easy to learn, read, and write.

Tor and Charles gave a quick tour of the Ruby language features such as string substitution, modules and mixins, open classes, meta-programming, duck typing, literals for arrays and maps, and code blocks. Ruby is an incredible flexible and expressive language. The more expressive the language, the less code you’ll end up writing and maintaining.

Tor also demoed his work with NetBeans support for JRuby. NetBeans includes code highlighting, code completion, and documentation support for JRuby. While demoing NetBeans and thinking of JPA Tor Norbye said, “I wish they had annotations in this language.”

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