CommunityOne 2007: Ajax Applications Made Easy with jMaki and Scripting

This technical session at CommunityOne 2007 introduced me jMaki, a project under the GlassFish umbrella. Project jMaki is a lightweight AJAX framework that wraps JavaScript libraries and in such provides a common interface to any and all JavaScript code. jMaki proposes a convention, over configuration, to wrap any third-party or custom JavaScript library as a jMaki widget. In other words, jMaki is a widget model for creating, using, and wrapping existing JavaScript functionality. jMaki is also available as a helper in Rails, and as a function in PHP, as well as a component in JSF.

Out of the box, jMaki comes with layout and theme support. In addition to layout, jMaki has a XMLHttpProxy (XHP) feature that allows you to bypass the pesky same-origin policy restriction.

Should you use jMaki? Yes. jMaki does all the hard work so that you can mix YUI!, Scriptaculous, Spry, and any other Ajax library together seamlessly. jMaki provides visual development support with plugins for Eclipse and NetBeans. jMaki also provides a common widget model for JavaScript libraries so that you don’t have to learn each more than you have to to work with any one of them.

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