CommunityOne 2007: Lunch with the Java Posse

The JavaPosse podcast is hosted by Tor Norbye (Sun), Carl Quinn (Google), Joe Nuxoll (Apple), and Dick Wall (Google). The regular format for the show is for the posse to run down trough and pontificate the current news in the Java world. For this live recording of the Java Posse podcast the posse adopted the Top Ten count down made famous by David Letterman. Some of the posse’s top predictions for JavaOne 2007 included mobile mayhem, desktop Java push, and that applets will no longer suck.

According to the posse, the top missing features in Java include the missing LINQ, cross platform solutions for recording and playing back audio, device support for USB and FireWire, browser level Swing HTML rendering, language level properties and events, component model for the desktop, component model for the web, component model for the mobile, and more importantly a consistent component model for all. Additional missing features in the language include true generics, regexp literals ala Groovy, multiple return values or parallel assignment, closures, @Nullable annotation, type inference ala Scala, invoke dynamic, and modules and super packages.

The posse then listed the top APIs to nuke from Java which include anything related to date and calendar, java.awt.List, java.awt.*, java.beans.*, java.swing.LookAndFeel, java.util.Stack, java.util.hashtable, the close method if it throws an exception, since it is just a path, cloneable, binary serialization, Enumeration, and CORBA.

The top software industry pet peeves according to the Posse include the not invented here syndrome, paper architects (if you can’t code, retire), developers with nothing left to learn, IDE zealots, framework zealots, snap judgment of technology, frivolous patentry, lack of User Interface sex appeal, coding styles, meetings, tHE cAPS lOCK mUST dIE, unskippable intros, and general lack of manners.

Here are some memorable quotes from the posse members.
The definition of Hell is working with dates in Java, JDBC, and Oracle. Every single one of them screw it up. — Dick Wall
This project is running late, quick lets have a meeting. — Dick Wall
The recommendation I would give you is not to use Swing, but to be using a rich application platform like NetBeans. — Tor Norbye

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