CommunityOne 2007: Getting Started and What’s New in GlassFish v2

The first technical session I attended at CommunityOne 2007 was about GlassFish, the JEE5 reference implementation for JSR 244. According to the session speaker, GlassFish is more than a reference implementation. The value of GlassFish is that it is open source, community driven, and production quality JEE5 Application Server. JEE5 is a simplification of J2EE, the previous incarnation of the Java Enterprise Edition. JEE5 simplifies enterprise development by leveraging Plain Old Java Objects (POJO) described with annotations. Annotations are first class language construct in java 5.

The current release of GlashFish, v2, provides better performance, faster startup time, out of the box load balancing, cluster management, and built-in fail-over. Under the covers, the GlassFish Application Sever is powered by Grizzly, EJB 3.0, and JPA. GlassFish is really a community effort with many supporting side projects such as jMaki, Slynkr, Blogapps, and Phobos.

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