Creating Internet Shortcuts in Windows

Do you need to create a Firefox or Internet Explorer shortcut to your website in a client’s desktop? To create an internet shortcut just create a new text file where the file extension is URL. The internet shortcut extension needs to be capitalized to URL. As an example, I’ll create a Juixe.URL file and simply place it the desktop. Open the newly created text file with your favorite text editor such as SciTE and add text like the following.


Even though we created a simple text file, it will have the icon of your default browser with the little shortcut arrow in the bottom left. If you double click on the newly created internet shortcut, a simple URL file, it will open your default browser to the indicated URL.

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4 Responses to “Creating Internet Shortcuts in Windows”

  • James Cannings Says:

    Wow, thanks for that little nugget. Although I dno’t think it is quite as simple as that (not for me anyway!). I actually have to start with the file called ‘weblink.URL’ and then rename it to ‘weblink.url’ (this also works in reverse). This seems necessary to get windows to ‘register'(!?) the Internet Shortcut.

  • Oleh Faizulin Says:

    Thanks dude, you saved me a lot of time with that sentence about .URL, not .url.

  • Paul Says:

    How about this?

    How to save a internet shortcut for a specific browser, and not just the default.

    I have a good handful of sites that i never want to use IE on…but would love to have them as ‘internet shorts for either safari, or firefox or other.

  • TechKnow Says:

    Another way to create shortcuts to websites is via Google Gears…

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