Google AJAX Feed API

Google recently made available a new JavaScript-based API for downloading RSS and Atom feeds. Up to now I have been using Magpie RSS for downloading, caching, and displaying feeds. I was just thinking of tinkering with Feedtools for manipulating and handling feeds in Ruby/Rails, but I would much rather like for Google to deal with, cache, and pay for the bandwidth of all the RSS feeds that I consume.

You will need to get a developer key, just like for all other of Google’s APIs, before you start using the Google AJAX Feed API. Once you have a developer key, they will give you all the JavaScript code you need to start displaying feed entries, well you might want to configure the feed format and/or how many entries you want.

As an example of what you can do, or of what others have done which you can use, with the new Google AJAX Feed API check out Feed Billboard.

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